Morisaki Nodoka, referred to as Non-chan during auditions, was an applicant during the audition Up Up Girls (2) auditions. She is currently a member of the indies girl group SAY-LA.

About Nodoka

Morisaki Nodoka is from Hyogo Prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan.[1] She practiced piano and studied English for many years. Her special talent during the auditions was translating "Kimi to Iu Kasetsu" into English.

Prior to auditioning for Up Up Girls (2), she was in idol group "Yanchan Gakuen," a group comprised of girls who passed Miss Young Champion.[2] She passed the 2015 auditions and was added to the group. Former and current SAY-LA members Mori Nonno and Agarie Hikari. Hikari graduated from SAY-LA prior to Nodoka's addition, this resulted in Nodoka receiving Hikari's former color "emerald". She graduated from Yanchan Gakuen in 2016.

After failing to successfully pass UUG (2) auditions in 2017, she auditioned for Get Crazy.[3] She was placed into BABY-TO-KISS, a trainee group from which members would graduate into one of the main groups. After a few months in BTK, she was added to SAY-LA.[4] SAY-LA, pronounced similarly to the Japanese pronunciation of sailor (sei-ra), is one of two main groups in I-Get. Although the group's name is a play on the word "sailor," they have a princess theme.

Although active since March of 2018, her debut single wasn't released until January of 2019 alongside two additional members.[5] Her debut single, SAY-LA's third release, ranked 3rd on Oricon's weekly singles ranking. The titled "YES, Koutei Penguin" is a play on 皇帝ペンギン "koutei pengin" which means emperor penguin. The characters used for the song are "肯定," read as koutei, and mean "affirmation". It sold a total of 19,100 copies the first week of sales.[6]


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